TDS Meters

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Looks a little commercial to me. I wonder if the mods will remove it soon.

I was hoping it wouldn't seem to commercial. I am just a regular reefer that got a good deal on a larger quantity of meters.

It probably would've been better to link to the ORIGINAL THREAD in C-SEA's forums.

I am almost out of these things anyway .. lots of work keeping track of who wants one and who has paid etc...

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Oh thats nothing...Spectrapure has a heck of a deal on them:

I didn't understand this statement. They are selling the same meter for $39.22 delivered and I had them for $28.50. I would rather save the $10.72 to buy another bag of salt :D

Hope to meet some of you NORA guys at the swap.

-- Kevin ( itZme )
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Kevin, You only have the hand held ones right???

Yep... just pen-style... sorry.
But there is one question I had when looking at the dual inline TDS monitor. How would you get the calibration solution into the John Guest fittings if you wanted to get it dialed in again? I am going to use one of those dual inline monitors for day to day checking but will still have a pen-style meter to be able to test my water from the tap to compare with the inline-style one and also if I am helping a friend get going I can use the pen-style anywhere but the built-in one is kind of hard to take along with you. ;)

-- Kevin