Teklight fixture T5 problem


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Hi guys, it's been awhile since i've posted. I've tried searching and searching before I posted but i've been having problems with my Teklight fixture.

The some of the bulbs won't fire, i thought it was the endcaps but now i'm thinking its the ballasts. I tried searching online to how even disassemble the fixture but i'm having trouble even accessing the ballasts to figure what the model is to replace it. I tried removing all the screws but the part won't slide out. It just stops when i move it all the way one side. I know this is an old system but it seems like an easy fix.

-Need help with old Teklight fixture and accessing the ballast
- Cant access the ballast; removed screws but nothing helps
- Can anyone give some advice on how to access the ballast?

Thanks in advanced, i know this is an old system. Apparently sunlight supply doesn't even exist anymore.


It's been a really long time since I had a tek fixture. But if all of the screws are removed and your able to remove the side panels the only other thing I can think of is you need to remove the plastic locking ring around the power cord, as well as make sure the on/off button is free. Then you should be able to slide the cover off.
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Thanks for the response, i tried to see if i could take out the plugs and the cord but its pretty hard, i dont know if its possible to put it back if i started pulling out all the wires with such a tight space.


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Why are you trying to remove the plugs? I had a Tek Elite and I have taken mine a parta few times, if I remember correctly the reflectors and not individual and you start by removing them and the end caps probably. The ballast are under the curves of the light on the edges. They are siliconed on so you need a good pull or tug.