Temp Probe Problem?


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I'm having a bit of trouble with the temp probe on my ACII. I have a JBJ Arctica 1/10 chiller which displays the temperature. I also have a small Coralife temp probe that matches the chiller display to within a couple tenths of a degree.

I have the ACII controlling the heater. I've tried a couple of times to calibrate the ACII temp probe to match as close as possible the other 2 probes but after time it seems to wander off. No matter how many times I reset calibration the ACII is wandering off over the course of a day or so. I usually wind up with the ACII/heater fighting against the chiller OR the water getting too cold.

Is anyone else having this type of issue with the temp calibration of their ACII? I'm hoping it's a simple setting that I need to change.


Set the log interval to once every 5 minutes or so. Then look at the datalogs in the controller and see if the temp. spikes/changes are correlated with anything turning on/off around the tank. Physically separate the temperature cord from any other equipment cords. If it is interference causing the problem it is likely coming from an electronic ballast.