territorial clown...is another possible?


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When feeding my anemone krill last night, my six line wrasse attempted to pick at the krill several times. The wild caught clown didn't like that too much and attacked at every attempt. Do they accept other clowns if I were to get one or is this guy a loner?
As an aside, I would like to put my BTA lower in the tank since he is getting close to corals up top when he's fully extended. Do they do well on the bottom of tanks. I have plenty of MH lighting.
I would not move an established anemone. It is comfortable where it is, if you move it, it may wander around the tank causing havoc and possible damage to your corals.

You can add a second clown in some instances. I have a tomato clown and later added a Clarkii. It took a month for the tomato to allow the clarkii out. She still runs the tank. Some clowns will allow you to add a clown of the same species if the new clown is smaller. However, she may still kill the new addition.

What kind of clown do you have?

Gold Stripe Clowns are the most brutal IMO with the tomatoes coming in a close second.