The Aquatic Reef Sale Continues over the weekend!


OT Magician
Just a heads up for everyone...

I spoke with Sherwin tonight before we left and he told me that all of their livestock would continue to be 25% off throughout this weekend. So for everybody that missed the sale, here's your chance!

Wouldn't you know, they had 2 of the fish I want in stock and on sale tonight and I can't do anything b/c my 90g is still cycling! :mad:

Wow! Great! I thought I missed out because of other commitments. I'll stop there on my way to Fragapolooza.
lawrence and harlem; about half a mile west on lawerance from harlem on the south side of the street in a plaza.
Coral Reef is also having a storewide sale this weekend. Also, you can bring your pet tomorrow for a free pic w/purchase.
AR is on Rt 31, just a few miles north of 90. If you're driving north on 31 from 90, it's 1 block before Rt 72 (Higgins) on the right hand side in a strip mall.

Here's the address...

737 South 8th St (Rt 31)
West Dundee, IL 60118

For more info, here's their web site.

And nobody touch my bicolor angel! Just a few more weeks and i'll have a spot for him. :)

- Ed
We missed the madness. :( Stopped out on Saturday and picked up a nice clam cheap! They still had alot of nice stuff. I might have to stop back for some SPS frags! I can only imagine what I missed at the sale!! :eek: :eek: