The red light district


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A friend of mine has a mantis he'd like to catch, but first he'd like to find it's burrow (it's a smasher btw). I know that red lights are used for nighttime viewing of tanks, would the mantis be able to see in this spectrum, and therefore not be as bold walking around in the dark?
how do you know it's a smasher, but don't know where his burrow is? I only ask because it seems that if he has been out enough for you to identify him, but will hide when he feels threatened, wouldn't you see him go back to his burrow?

Sorry, but I don't know about the red light thing.

Also, how can you/ did you identify that he is a smasher? I am still not sure what mine is, as when he attacks whatever I stick in there it is so quick that I cannot distinguish whether it is a spearing action or a smashing action (and I usually have pretty sharp eyesight)
Thanks Dr. Caldwell

Thanks Dr. Caldwell

pretty much what I figured. guess he'll need to buy goggles.

Judo: he was able to see it long enough to get a pretty good look and identify by photo off of the Lurkers Guide. as for the burrow, it disappeared into a large mound of LR, he's hoping to narrow down which particular piece
hey biomeckanic!

try baiting the area you saw the mantis go with a bit of shrimp on the end of a skewer and see if you can see where he goes afterwards.

good to have another rpg nut on the board!
I'll pass that along

I'll pass that along

zo's an online friend, Chi-town is a little far from here for me to go over and help him bait mantis.
so by RPG do you mean table top or computer?
OT rpging

OT rpging

I prefer tabletop and live action of the real combat flavor, none of that rock-paper-scissors stuff. we use foam covered PVC.