The tank is empty. :(


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Well I think I'm going to cry. The tank is empty and ready to go for tomorrow morning. We set up a small 20+ hex up for my mom and we kept the clowns and RBTA with a few aptasia cover corals. I need a 150-175W fixture for the tank. Any body have one laying around?


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Somebody is selling 2 HOB halide fixtures it may be on the 2nd page. Good luck, you'll have the tank back up and running soon.

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I have a MH fixture that can hang over a small tank. The current light is a 175W bulb and a pretty old ballast but it still fires right up. I do have a brand new Galaxy 150W ballast that could be used with it if you changed the bulb to a 150W. It's 14" L x 10.5" W x 5" H

$50 - for 175W Halide fixture with old Ballast


$100 - 175W fixture with Brand New Galaxy 150W electronic Ballast


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