The zoo tank is born!


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At 8:50 PM the main pump was started and the tank went into life. We had a brief scare that the pump was a dud but as it turned out some un-named people forgot to take the seal of the intake before attaching it to the sump:). But that was quickly resolved and all went well. no major guisers or waterfalls. Nate and Vince did a great plumbing job. The only issue is micro bubbles since the Euro-reef is so *** kicking and puts out so much volume that even in such a large sump, without baffles, bubbles reach the pump intake. We dialed down the air intake which seemed to help but we may have to create a bubble tower to negate the problem. The lighting is bright! paul did a terrific job on the lighting set-up. Over the weekend, I will situate some more live rock. if anybody wants to contribute live substrate, please let me know.
Yes, thanks everyone who has helped set this thing up! It is going to be and already is a very nice tank. Everything has gone really smoothly so far and I am proud to have been part of setting something like this up for the community. It is great that we have been able to share this wonderful reef tank with people who otherwise may have never been able to see in person something as cool as a full blown reef tank. To me there is nothing as cool as a reef tank, except of course the real reef :) We have done a good thing and we should all be very proud :D
Well said Nate! Everybody has really done their utmost to contribute their various skills. People put in many hours, often after full days of work to contribute their time. We really make a pretty cool team. No politics or BS. its been a real pleasure working with everyone. We still have lots to do to make this baby presentable. We also need to start training the zoo and creating educational material and graphics.
Glad to hear the main pump is going and the system is up. Have the timers on the lights been set? If not I can stop in to set them.
Last night we setup and adjusted the two vortex pumps, the chemical and mechanical filtration, the RDSB, the skimmer (which rules by the way), the rest of the bulbs and reflectors, the overflows, the heaters, and we set the timers up for the lights.

We still have to build the two-part doser, a bubble tower/trap for the skimmer, setup the sump fan, and a few other small things.
When do you want to do that Nate? I'll be at the zoo in the AM alittle before opening (about 9:30) to add some live rock.
I would be remiss if i didn't mention the huge contributions of time and labor put in by Piazzon and DaveVG both of whom did a lot of the carpentry, framing, and tons of other stuff. Keep in mind too that Dave shleps up from PA to work at the zoo.