Tidepool 2


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I was wondering could I use a tidepool 2 in a reef setup. I have a 75 gal with fowl and a tidepool 2 filtration system. I will be transforming the tank into a reef tank soon and needed to know somethings. I also have a Current USA 48" 4X96W P.C. lighting system. I also need to know if that is enough light for a softie, lps reef tank. :rolleye1


Reef Pharmacist
Don't know about the Tidepool. As for the lighting, I have a 4x65watt on my 72gal tank and I keep all types of zoas, rics, shrooms, leathers, LPS, a green carpet anenome, and even some SPS (montipora, millipora, and pocillipora).