Top Crown Snails


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Well my order arrived today from liveaquaria today and w/ it were two top crown snails. I never got these before but they looked pretty cool so I got a couple. Well.....

These Things are HUGE!!!:eek1: :eek2: They're about two or three times the size of turbo snails. I just hope that they don't plow over any corals.


Team RC
LOL yes, they get big. That is really an amazingly low price for them, though. Their site says they get up to 2 inches...that's about 4 inches smaller than they actually get. A big one is right at 6 inches across. They live in cool water off the California coast, so I don't know how long they'll thrive at reef tank temperatures.




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Thanks for the info. Hopefully the ones I have don't get that big. The temperature in the tank is around 79 so I'll just have to wait and see how they do.