Torch coral in tight spot


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I was originally going to post this in the LPS forum, but only a handful of people were browsing there...

Anyhow, I picked up a torch coral the other day. It tended to look smaller in the LFS tank than it does in mine, and the place I picked for it (lowest flow, out of direct halide and range of other corals) is a little tight. The polyps in the rear are occasionally contacting my rock as they wave in the current. Does anyone having experience with these corals think I should anticipate a problem with that?



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touching the rock will not be an issue. Just make sure it is not sweeping into other corals.

Would it be ok if I put two different torch corals near each other.
as long as they are both Euphyllia you will be fine.
Euphyllia are torches, frogspawn. hammer.
these from what ive been reading can touch with out a problem