Torch Coral Q & A


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I have a torch coral in my 55 gallon tank. It is one of the first coral additions to this newer tank. I was hoping to get some info regarding these corals.

How can I tell if it is healthy? It is better if the strings are way outstretched or does this mean that it is too food/light hungry? There are a few stings that are much longer than the others, is it okay to trim these?

How often to feed it? I was told that only a few drops of phytoplankton once a week would do, I guess it's just hard to believe.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Usually they expand during the day and retract at night. It is possible that they will expand more because they are not getting enough light, but I'm not sure if you can tell by looking. Generally, color is a better indicator. One that isn't getting enough light will usually turn browner. Too much light and it will bleach. Don't trim it!

You can feed 2 or 3 times a week, but I don't think phyto is the food to use. Minced meaty foods should be offered. Use a turkey baster or syringe to place mysis or krill pieces into the tentacles. IME, torches will not always eat, apparently getting all their nutrition from light and dissolved organics. Mine won't eat no matter how hard I try, or how long I get the food to sit in the tentacles. It just ignores it.


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One that isn't getting enough light will usually turn browner. Too much light and it will bleach.

This is not necessarily the case. Many corals will brown up under intense lighting. Many varieties of Torch are brown and perfectly healthy.


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Hello, congratulations on your torch!!! It is a great coral - it is the coral I get complimented on the most by guests due to it's movement. I feed mine mysis / brine whenever I feed my suncoral (every other day or so). I don't think it is necessary, but it sure does like it!!! I agree with the above post - DO NOT TRIM!!! Good luck with it. :)