Transparent tissue?


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I just got my first clam 6/22 Sunday. It is a blue maxima about 3"-4". I drip acclimated for 2.5-3hrs before placing it on the sand in my tank. In the lfs it looked great (although I may have not seen it clearly) but when I placed it in my tank I noticed some thin almost transparent spots on the mantle. Is this normal? Will it grow and fill in?

Here is a pic - the thin spots are near the top right part of the mantle. Almost looks white in the pic.


Other than that it is still in the same spot (read they move if not happy) and reacts to shadows.

not an experience clam person but it kind of looks like the pattern...not sure though so i'll give you a bump up ;)

i LOVE the color. how much was it man?

Thanks Lunchb.

I paid $70.00 and think it is well worth it. (Especialy where I live as I have not seen any maxima below a $100 till now.)
Yeah I love the blue too, looks even bluer in person. I don't know if it will stay blue under my lighting though. I already noticed some teal green showing up near the center of the clam.

I was talking about this tissue issue with another reefer and he said it sounds like it got burned by a coral. As soon as he said that I remebered the lfs guy where I bought it saying how they just lost a crocea because of a wandering anemone. So my clam was probally also stung but should recover.
I have a little gold crocea about 1 1/2". He has had some clear tissue nearest his inhail and exhail syphen since I bought him about 3 months ago. He's doing fine though. I'm thinking when they are young like this they don't have as many light absorbing pigments to fill their mantle entirely. Just a guess?