Traumatized Borbonius


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I've had a Borbonius Anthias for over 2 years in my 180g. I recently added a Red Sea Regal angel. One morning I see the Borb a little beat up and hiding near a rock. It happened at night. Don't know which fish did it.

Ive got him isolated in a breeder box. It's fins were a little torn but not too bad. One eye was slightly bulging but didn't look horrible. The fish barely moves, doesn't open its mouth and doesn't not even flinch at any kind of food. I Have tried everything and he used to be an aggressive eater.

Any suggestions on getting him out of this "zombie" like state? He's been like this over a week and will eventually wither and die if he doesn't eat. Maybe take him out and try to open its mouth manually??

Thanks for any suggestions.



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DO NOT take him out and mess with him. Aside from the risk of injuring him, you'll just scare him even more.
He's probably scared because he's out in the open. Give him a hiding spot and start setting up a quarantine tank with plenty of hiding places, little thing probably just needs security. Try live foods, too.
Though... eye bulging out could mean head trauma. He might be concussed or something.
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Just a thought but after QT you'll be returning your Anthias to the DT in which the Regal is even more established. This might sound harsh but perhaps release it back into the DT to fend for itself, and stick the Regal into the box for a day or two.


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Thanks for the help guys. I'll try to put him in my sump rather than in that box. Maybe live food will get him going.