Trying to pair maroon clowns


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Hi all,

I've had this beautiful lightning maroon for a bit over a month now and finally gave up on trying to find a lightning maroon male for her. Found a tiny misbar maroon clown and carefully introduced him to her tank. She is tolerating him, but not letting him anywhere near her anemones (she has 3 of them all to herself and she makes it very clear they are ALL hers lol). How long should I expect them to hang out together before she (hopefully) accepts him?


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Typically my Maroons would pair up after a week or so of bickering, however unlike you...I added them both at the same time and got the smallest ones I could find. So far I have done this several times and have yet to loose one but I know others who have. The male will start turning side ways in front of her quivering as a sign of submition and shortly there after things should settle down between them if she accepts him.