Tumbling chaeto question.


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I have a 20 gallon long which I'm using for a sump. It is divided into 3 chambers with the middle one being for chaeto. I have been unable to get the flow right to tumble the chaeto. It keeps settling in one spot.

I have a mag 7 for a return pump, and it is putting about 300 gph through the system. I tried putting a small powerhead on the bottom of the sump, but that didn't work.

What methods do folks use to get their chaeto to tumble?



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that's not critical, nice, but not critical

If you have a solid flow that pushes water through the whole wad, that is good.

The only deal is you have to "fluff it up" occassionally to knock any dust out. (ie poke it with a stick a couple times :D)

I would leave the pH in the chamber with the chaeto
I have also done things like stick pieces of eggcrate in the rocks to snag the chaeto so it hangs ad stays in the breeze instead of getting smooshed into the corner by the current

In the sump, you probably could hang something down into the chaeto compartment, to hook the chaeto onto to keep it spread out more.


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Mine doesn't tumble, either. Every couple of days I use a turkey baster to blow water through it and give it a fluffing. It's growing pretty well for me.


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My chaeto barely moves with the current running through my fuge and it doubles in size in about a week after I prune it. I do blast it with a big syringe to get some of the 'dust' out of it every week, too.


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mine doesn't tumble at all, but the more flow it gets the tighter/more compacted it seems to grow. it also seems to really like flow. mine grows insanely fast

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I use a 1/2 thin wall PVC, holes drilled across it, has a cap on one end, & a 90* elbow for the feed on the other. Ball valve for control, & it's submerged about 1/2 way down. Do not glue the 90* elbow to the PVC so you can turn it & adjust the angle of flow.

My cat watches it tumble all the time, must be kitty TV for him.

Steve 926