Tunze skimmer 233/2


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I don't see the Tunze skimmer Tunze skimmer 233/2 listed on your old website. I do see it selling in the UK, rated for up to 90 gallon.

From your old website, I only see Tunze skimmer 233/3, rated for up to 100 Gallon. The rating seem to be similiar, is the 233/2 an older model then the 233/3?
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The 233/2 was created after the 230/2 hence the model number. It was confusing to people because it is smaller. It is now the 220/3 same skimmer with a more powerful venturi, different pump design and new model number. Some dealers probably kept the 233 number in more established Tunze territory just to avoid even more confusion.
I just purchased a 233/2 from eBay. I am trying to figure out how to adjust it. Where should the water level be?

Water level should be about 1" above the brown plastic base. The air should be adjusted to 2.5 turns open. Let it run for a week and then adjust as necessary to get a tea colored skimmate in 1/4 turn increments.