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I just re-plumbed my tank and the flow is ripping. How do I determine the turn over rate? I have a Reeflo Dart Pump.And

Can't believe I now have to trim down my pump. I called Lee Mar today and asked the over flow rate for my center trap overflow which is about 4 gals it has one 2" drain. It measures 24" high.

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Great, it sounds like replumbing the tank solved the potential for a flood and improved your water flow. Nice job. I like to have somewhere between 5 and 8 turn overs an hour through my sump, although a lot of reefers keep it a 5 turn overs. If your sump/refugium is large, I think 8 times the DT size is a good number.


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Turn Over

Turn Over


I was going to give you a call tonight to bring you up to speed. The most difficult part of the re-plumb was trying to find a plug for a 5/8" ID Hose. Now there is a way to make the next million dollars. You can't find a plug.

The volume of water draining now is amazing about 2-3 times what is was. Still do not know how much that is or how to figure it out.

I do know that it will eliminate 1 MP-40 in the DT and possibly the pump for my chiller. I added 2 T's one with a 1" outlet and one with a 3/4" outlet for options like plumbing one of those to the chiller.

Thanks for the call and the help.