Typhoon III RO/DI questions


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Do you think that running hot water thru the typhoon makes the filters
wear out quicker? Does it effect the RO water quality? Or do some of you do this as well?
I hope someone answers this post because I just ordered a Typhoon III and have been thinking of running warm water through it to increase the output. :rollface:
not sure on hot water, but I know around 70F is where you will get optimum output according the the instructions. I have a typhoon III as well. I run just cold water through it. I still get 50+ gallons a day out of it.
hot water as in from your water heater?

the water will leech metals from the inside of your water heater, which the filter will then have to take out, likely shortening the lives of the cartridges - I would just use your cold water.
Yes I have a Typ III and it's best to just run the cold..
Hot water picks up crap from the HW tank and makes stuff come off the pipes.

My water is about 45 deg and mine works great at 65 PSI
I would not use hot or warm water.
I concur. Don't use water from your hot water tank. It will not be good for your RO/DI.


O.K.. Well. Guess that settles it. I was using the hot water spout that is supposed to go to my washing machine. I never wash anything in hot water so I thought I'd use it for my RO water.
Well that sucks. It was so convenient. Now the cold water I'll be using is probably around 45 degrees. Oh well. Thanks for the input everyone