ULNS keepers ONLY, post feed schedule and Tank details!


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Hey guys,

For those of you that run nano tank ULNS only, please post the following:

Water Parameters:
Light type and schedule:
Fish load: Specific type
Coral load (SPS): Light, Medium, Heavy
Monday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Tuesday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Wednesday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Thursday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Friday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Saturday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)
Sunday: Fish food and dosing (AA, coral food, etc)


The point of this thread is to try and figure out what feeding levels, combined with photo period, fish load, coral load, etc seems to be work best. I know every system is different, but I think it would be interesting to see different peoples results given certain factors.

I will go first:

Water Parameters: Caclium: 440, Alk: 8.5, Magnesium 1470, Salinity 1.026, Nitrate: 0, Phosphate: 0

Algae: Some green on rocks. Nothing else. Of course, some coralline.

Equipment: 20 Gallon tank, 10 gallon sump, ASM G2 skimmer, ROX carbon, MP10.

Light type and schedule: 250 watt Phoenix 14K DE on for 6 hours on icecap ballast. No supplemental lighting.

Fish load: Ocellaris clown, Banggai Cardinal, Purple firefish

Coral load (SPS): Light load

Sunday: Reefboster (AM)
Monday: Mysis shrimp (AM), 7 drops Elos AA (PM)
Tuesday: 7 drops Elos AA (AM), Veg flakes (PM)
Wednesday: Rods coral food (AM), 7 drops Elos AA (PM)
Thursday: 7 drops Elos AA and Elos pellets (AM)
Friday: Cyclopeeze (AM), 7 drops Elos AA (PM)
Saturday: 7 drops AA (AM)

Results: I am going to stick to this regimen for the next two weeks and am starting it tomorrow after a water change. I am trying to improve my coral color and trying to find the right balance between nutrients and feeding. Will post results in one week from now.

Hope you guys join so we can work together with our results and see how different systems respond.


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Ultra Low Nutrient System, normally the result of Bacteria or Carbon dosing sch as Prodibio, Zeovit, Vodka, etc..

Algae normally exist at a very minimum in these system do to a lack of nutrients in the water column.


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The point of this thread by the way, is to help each other. Sometimes I personally wonder what is too much or too little food in a ULNS. By posting our feed/dosing schedules and results I think we can help eliminate the "How to feed ULNS" threads.

I thought this thread would be booming with life with other ULNS users chiming in!