Upgrading tank and pulling the plug on LED


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Currently have a 40g system and still really struggling with most of my SPS other than a couple easier ones even though my water tests well. I feel I have given my Primes a legitimate chance for six months and have recently decided to upgrade my tank and sump so I have much more water volume and at the same time switch to an 8 bulb Sunpower. Should all be here this week and I will start preparing everything for the transfer. To start I plan on running one actinic, four blue plus, two coral plus and a purple plus.

I guess this is the last hurrah, if I can't make this work, I guess I am hopeless. Lol


Make sure you acclimate the corals. BTW ai primes in my experience never did anything for sps. Grew zoas ok but way under lit for sps. Ai prime I wouldn't consider a good LED try.
But you're making the move to the better light so congrats.

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Yes I spent three years with kessils and radions trying to get SPS sweet spot. Ended up going with MH SPS could not be more happier.

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