Upgrading to a 125 need input


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So I have a cheap 40B running now and the tank scares me the way it bows. And every time I take my wife to the LFS she points at a fish and says I want that. And I have to tell her she can't have it cause our tank is too small. So she was cruising facebook on Sunday morning and we found a used 125 and picked it up, in the rain, got it unloaded just in time to get ready to cook up some wings for the game.

So here is where I need help. My plans for the overflow will be something like the RS ghost system. Except I plan to get some smoked glass cut for the internal skimmer box and clear glass for the overflow which will be mounted on the back. The plan is a 48" internal skimmer with a depth of 3/4" (inside) front to back. Figuring two 1.25" holes for the pass through to the rear box with a BA. Any issues there?

1. Return pump internal vs. external. I think I need between 500 and 550GPH at 4' of head. I like the idea of the Iwaki pumps and their reputation but also like the idea of not worrying about a leak with internal pumps. I was looking at the jebao DC pumps but lots of bad press here on RC so not going the DC route. Heat transfer is not an issue for me, I keep the house at 70 year round and light with LED. One of my concerns with external pumps is the noise. I assume you just mount to the floor of your stand, any vibration transfer issues there? Taking any and all pump recommendations.

2. I am thinking of running a separate tank for a fuge. Unfortunately I cant fit a 40B under the stand. Am thinking of running two 30's, one to house the skimmer, heater, return pump (possibly), and some rubble. The other to house a mass of cheato for pod growth. I want to have a mandarin and be able to grow enough pods to support it. Is that over/underkill?

3. I have a Aquamaxx Cones CO1 on my 40B. Any issues with just moving that over to the 125?

I will probably have a lot more questions. I am new at this, just filled the 40B with water on 12 Nov and already upgrading...