Video of my 1 year old 17g nano

Shaun v

New member
This video was shot on 3-12-2013 using an ipad2 no editing or alterations were made. The tank is one year old. It is stocked with green star polyp, waving hand Xenia, pulsing Xenia, lavender mushroom, mixed zoanthids, orange montipora, green mushroom, blue/green acrapora, Jedi mind trick, B&W clownfish, pajama cardinal fish, Hector's goby, brown blotch snail, bumble bee snails, various Nassarius snails, mexican turbo snails, banded trochus snails, 7 different types of hermit crabs, porcelain crab, and a peppermint shrimp. Al of the coral you see was purchased as smaller frags. All corals and fish or captive bred or Aquacultured. I use 30# of sand and about 25# of rock, 3 koralia 425 power heads, 1 heater, 1 Kessil Tuna Blu 350w LED light.