VIDEO of my octopus fooling around

link is working but connection keeps gettign timed out.. I swear to god its too good to bet rue for me to get some octo movies..
well i dont have anywhere else to upload it. Anyone have a website where they can host a 3.8 meg movie? keep trying scufflot, it might get faster.
Hi all
I did a right click on the link with the mouse then saved it to desktop. That seemed to work

That is well cool to catch that on camera! Normally I am running for the camera when the octopus or cuttle stops whatever it was doing that was cool!

Can you tell me an approximate size for the octo? how long is each arm?

Her arms are about 3 or four inches long. So all stretched out she probably makes 9 inches. Her body in that movie is about the size of a small egg, but of course she can become as small as she wants. After i got her I started keeping the camera right next to the tank, but most of her activities were at night, so not much good footage. But i was very happy to get that on tape. Wasnt expecting her to squirt water like that.

The only other time I have seen her squirt water was when she wasnt hungry and I was trying to feed her on a string. She would shoot the food away with a blast of water.
You are unable to download it from both those websites? That seems to mean that the problem is with your computer. What connection is it on? Can you normally download files that are 4 megabyte without a problem? I can email you the movie if you give me your email.

that was about a week before i discovered the eggs. They may have been layed at that point though, i dont know.