Vivd Order


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so i think imm gonna get some stuff from vivid this week. Has anyone ever ordered from them before? if so haw was it? Let me know if you wanna get in on it free shipping over 225. I will order tomorrow or wed.


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They have a lot of nice stuff. Once I get my Zoanthid tank up and running, I plan on ordering from them as well.

Looks like they have a decent amount of rare SPS as well.


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I just got stuff from them, some acans and some zoos, It was all good color representation, not overly photo shopped and the shipping next day by noon packed really well thick Styrofoam box heat packs all good... Let me know I would like to get something else.


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aquasd, but their pictures didn't really represent what they sent. Hopefully the stuff color up after a while.


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I think I am going to place an order at the week of 2/1/09 if anyone is interested let me know!


I think we should go with zoafrag, they have a ton but the majority is sold out. I wonder if we call and check on some of the higher end stuff to see if he really has them or there out. Darth mauls were way cheaper on there.


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Please do some research before purchasing from zoafrag. There are some threads here on RC and on the web about this vendor.