Water changes??


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On my 180g mixed reef I have been changing 25 gals a week since the tank was setup. Is this to much or is it not enough??? Its about 15% a week. And since the tank has been set up I haven't missed one. Even on hangover Sunday.:D


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we cant tell enough or not. it depends on the loads. for me, i dont change water because all my parameters are well within range. i dose volka. read up on volka dosing.


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10 to 15% is what alot of people recommend from all that i have read. i think randy changes 1 or 2 gallons a day. i try & do a 10 or 15% each week. but each reefer has their own way. some don`t change at all


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+1 on whatever your system holds up with. Water change advice runs the gamut. When I had a 2.5 pico I was changing ~0.5 gallons a day for 100% turnover per week, on my 90 I change three gallons 2-3 times weekly. My readings are fine this way, but I'm pretty lightly stocked. If you're heavily stocked you may want more changes.

And I do my changes in the evening, generally, to avoid hangovers :)

Randy Holmes-Farley

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IMO, 25 gal per week on a 180 gal system is fine. You could do less, but there'd be no benefit, IMO, aside from reduced cost. More smaller changes might be less stress. :)