Water heating question


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I am looking to put my rocks in my tank today finally and have my tank full of RO/DI water with my heater going. Currently its at 76 degrees - I would like to start placing rock in as early as possible today as I'm sure its going to take longer than I expect. So is thereany quick way to get my water up to 78 - 80 degrees quickly :) Can I take some of the water out of the tank and heat it on the stove then place back into the tank (assuming I wash the pot with vinegar/water solution before putting tank water into it to boil.

I think it would be okay to put it in at 76. If that worries you wait a degree.
Put the rocks in. 76 is not bad. What is the temp of the container that the rocks are in now? If the difference is only 2-3 degrees, no big deal.
Thanks guys, I placed the rock in and also figured out why the wter temp stopped rising - stop laughing :) Everything seemed to turn a little whiter after 12 hours in the tank so far. I'm filling the sump right now so I will be able to get the skimmer going asap but everything seems to be doing ok - nothing in it just yet but the rock seems ok :)

How about some pictures. Your setup has been in the works for a while and I'd like to see some progress pics.
Give me a day or so - start new job tomorrow so I'm just thinking of that right now - I'll get some up :)