Waveline DC pump


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If you use Waveline DC pumps, are you generally happy with it? I have one since Aug and I'm not too impressed with it.

First issue was the pump not working out of the box, had to take all parts out and put them all back together, banging the pump finally made it work. Still no reason why it wouldn't work. I have their 6000 model and with my 60g display tank, I need to use almost the highest speed.

I have not had any other pumps so I can't compare but this pump is pretty noisy. In addition, the screws have been all rusted away. I can see rust mark from the screws. Sure that's no good to the tank.


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I have the DC5000 in a skimmer and so far so good. It's been in service for 11 months, is very quiet and operates properly on any of the preset speeds. I pulled it apart recently to give it thorough clean and found no rust on the screws. Since purchasing mine I have read about a lot of issues and complaints with these pumps and keep an eye on it all the time, my main concern is the power supply and that it's not overheating. :(


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Wouldn't worry bout the rust, but if you are you could change out the screws to stainless.

I'm still using pan world and iwaki wanna switch to dc once the beta testing is done giving them another couple years to figure it out, for power consumption.


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I've been running a dc1000 gen II for a few months now and am very happy with it. As previous poster said, rust won't hurt tank, it's essentially GFO, but would change screws out for stainless ASAP, simply from a service-ability perspective.. Replace failing parts before they become a problem

Also you say you have to run it "almost" at top speed, so you're not using all the power, how is that bad?

Vinny Kreyling

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Have a Waveline DC 10000 running since May.
Knock on wood no problems - Quiet & NO heat transfer and I can run 1 notch under max. If I add anything I may have to go all out.
So Far So Good, no complaints here.


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I run a dc6000, and have for a few months now - it has been running since they came out. Absolutely nothing interesting has happened so far, which seems to be a good thing.



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Hey.. I have a dc 6000 and had the same rust problems.. I contacted waveline about the issue and they said that they are aware of the screws rusting issue.. Contact your dealer and tell them you need a new volute..


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Have to be positive here too. Pumps are quiet and working well. One in sump and one external. No leaks. My Iwaki is still on standby but never hurts to have backups. As for the speed setting, my 6000's are both at max or one below and still getting plenty of water through the tank.


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Thanks guys, I guess pushing water up in vertical requires a lot more effort, I was thinking the pump would be more powerful that I only needed to run half the speed. I will check about the screws and replace them with stainless.


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Thanks, it's straight up from the sump to display tank about 5' vertical distance.

Mine is the 1st generation for sure as the 2nd one can be controlled through Apex from my understanding.


Here is my critique:

6000 for about 1 month now. The pump does not pump hard enough to flow water in the first 3 settings. The 4th and 5th are the only settings that have enough power to overcome the head pressure. I bought the pump for the controlabilty. I essentially only have a hi and low speed. That being said, It is really quiet.


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I've had the DC4000 since early January or maybe late December. I'm running it almost to its maximum head rating, so haven't even tried to dial it down in speed.

It's worked well for me so far, with no rust or other problems.


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I would like to know what size tanks y'all have and what size pump so that I can see what your doing. I'm starting a 190g and was going to buy a dc6000 but really wanted the 12000. I will be running 3 reactors also of the same return pump. Whatcha think ?should I even go dc


I have a 180 gallon display and am running a DC-10,000 2nd Gen since Oct I am running 2 1" returns and am only running 1/2 to 2/3 speed at most. So far no rust very quiet and am very happy with unit. The only thing that caught me off guard was the little fan in the controller, it was a little louder than I thought it would be, but now I don't even notice it.


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i have a speedwave 1320(same pumps different name) on a 120 reef ready with dual overflows and they can only handle the second level in the control (only draws 18watts at that level) no issues so far but only a few months old


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I have a 2gen 6000 waveline, it is fairly good quality but cheap plastic. It is dead silent and I run it external on wish it pushed more water at 5' head. The 6000 fit my cabinet space was the main reason I chose it over the 10000 now I wish I did the 10000 but it is ok for return pump since I run a cl for circulation. I have to say I am happy with the waveline 6000 dc, I am thinking about getting the 12000 to replace my reeflo snapper that is about 6 yrs old