What are t-5's? What is better T-5's or MH

T5's are small diameter flourescent bulbs. They work really well when paired to good reflectors. Neither is "better" than the other. Both have their drawbacks and highlights.
i think it comes down to lumens and power consumption...
i hear a 250 watt t-5 setup puts out more lumens than a 400 watt single ended halide...
am doing the research now on building a new lamp...
t-5's and hqi's
i hear 8 watts per gallon grows anything...but from what source?
could vary from lamp style to lamps style...
my question is this and i will be starting a new thread...

what is the typical amount of lumens produced by the sun in 30 ft of ocean in a four by two by three area?
is there a formula for calculating this?
is there a formula for calculating lumen output of the bulbs we use...???
i dont know where you heard that 8wpg grows anything, cuz i would say it is wrong. i use 2 250w halides over my 180g tank so go figure on that.

also i have no clue on the sun lumen ?.

i had t5s and now have mh. i like the color and growth from the halides better. the t5 setup i had was the top of the line too.

i have just over 3wpg of t5ho on my 35g, and i cant grow everything. its too much light for low light shrooms and the lps i have , i have to keep at the bottom of my tank....

if i had 8 wpg of t5ho on this tank, it would probably be too much for anything....

yes, there is such a thing as too much light...
There were some tests done a while back. The T5hos put more light at the bottom of the tank than halides. The advantages are cheaper to run, much less heat into the tank, long bulb life and color selection for most any taste. I just put some on and I love them.
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Im just trying to understand the diffrences between them

No worries devil dog, seems like you are just doing your homework. Nowadays, lots of new reefers including myself were checking out the differences between the two. Both can get quite expensive as you may already know. In the end, the low power consumption of T5s are what made me go that route.
IMO T5 is alot easier, which is why I went that route. There are no heat issues, which means no fans and no chillers. This translates to less noise, less electricity. There are different bulb combinations to get the output and colors you want.

Many people really like their MH though, something for everyone.
I would still run fans to extend the bulb T5's are cooler running but do need to be cooled down especially when over driven with IC ballasts. I am in the same boat here as well would love to have MH setup but summers here are hot and with MH it might come down to adding a chiller(not really what I want to do). HTH