What is the best kind of mantis

Parker Coffin

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I am looking in to get a 3 ot 4'' mantis shripm, buti want one that will be active build, dig, push stuff over, and smash things. What is a good kind of mantis that will do that please give its non- sientific name and sientific name to ( if you can).
Hey you emailed me,your 12 right?I'm 13,I got my mantis @ a place called Pets Unlimited Gonodactylus Chiragra for 18.99 with tax it is around 20.00.they don't have any now,I got the last one:D but they can order one if you call them Monday.Their # is:
770-952-1539 they are in Marietta too.
I know where to get them. I work at a place called Marien Fish on Johnson ferry they can order them in. Im just looking for the best kind ( most active).
Hey MantisShrimp, How big is your Chiragra? I've been looking for that species. Did you order that species specifically, or did they just happen to get that type? What's yours like?
Got the Chiragra @ LFS its 4 inches long,they just had it.....don't know if that's the only kind they get maybe they get random mantis species...Can only get 1 @ a time though LOL.
Parker my email is MARIETAharris@msn.com
my AOL IM is ShortysSponsered