What is this macro?


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looks like long strands of cheato connected to stems/branches. Any idea? will this be any good in nutrient export?
?? If you're in the Philippines its a better chance that this macro will survive reef temps, so thats a good start at least. Can you get a better pic? Preferably with the macro in some water, good light, and try to do a close up of the fronds. IDing it will probably be easier from a pic like that.

As a wild guess.. it has the fine structure and the overall appearance of a small Caulerpa species, perhaps C. verticillata, though I'm not sure its distribution extends to your waters. Try that name on algaebase.org's image search.

based on algaebase, looks like any of the macros with "alvarezii" on it.

they say this macro is used as food (those gelatin-type deserts). will this be good for nutrient export on a reef tank?