What is this???


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Hi, wonder if anyone can help me identify this weird creature I discovered in my marine tank. Ia about 1 inch long, brownish has spikes and seems to move on some mini spikes. Is it a sea cucumber? I got some live rock so might hitchhiked on it...
Yep, a less blurry picture under white light will allow us to help you ID the creature. The current picture is too blurry/blue to even hazard a guess.
Know the minimum focus distance of your camera. Is there a macro mode? Shining a flashlight on what you are trying to image may help.
Many thanks for coming back to me. I will adjust the light properly and take a better picture next time I see the creature.
Still thinking a cowrie or abalone. You ever see a snorkel or antennae protruding?
Yes used live rock. Got it from someone who wanted to use the fishtank to host some turtles and sold the whole lot. I have 2 hermits, turbo snails and a conch (& 2 clowns) but this thing just appeared so assumed was hiden somewhere