What signs to look for if Im adding too much light?


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I just put a evergrow fixture on my 14g biocube(w/90deg lenses), and from what I can tell over the last five days, my corals love it. My zoas open up every polyp, when before under my kessil they would have a couple per colony that stayed closed about 80% of the time, and my frogspawn lets loose a substancial amount more as well.

I hung it kind of high and I started out with the blue channel being ramped up to a max of 30%, and the white channel only up to 20% the first two days. then yesterday I went up to 40% on the blue, and 25% on the white. Today I'm at 40%B/30%W. Looks wise I would like to lower the fixture a few inches, and be around 60%B/40%W, but Im wondering what signs I should be looking for that would tell me its too much light for my little tank?


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I would go up a bit slower than that. Maybe do 5-10% weekly. I'd say if everything is opening bigger than good sign. I'd would also say first sign before bleaching would be no polyp extension and corals retracting. Sps usually start browning out when low light and bleaching tips down when too much light. Not always the case but generally