What to do with a new tank addition?


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Well, my wife and I are now properly addicted to this hobby. We started with a small 46 g bow front and quickly realized this was the hobby for us. Ok so we upgraded. 120 g DT with 55 g sump. We have thriving coral, happy fish and a great CUC team. We have pretty much purchased top shelf equipment and product and we are really fortunate that our LFS is awesome and knowledgable. The owners are a avid reefers that care. We have decided that we are going to add another tank. We currently have a 48x24x24 DT so we thought it would be great to put a 24x24x24 custom made 60 g to the exact standard as our 120 including the stand. Our eventual plan is to have the millwork created for a custom cabinetry so it all matches. This will ultimately mean we have an entire wall unit centre piece in our living room. We actually took the 46" tv out and put it into my 14 year old sons room (boy was he happy:dance:) .

Ok, now to the point.

As we wait for the equipment to come that has been ordered we are looking ahead to what we want to do. Our initial thought was to house fishes in the 60 g that are NOT reef friendly. I had a thought last night which we are now considering. What if we move the coral and reef safe inhabitants into the 60 g? There are a couple of exceptions such as our Yellow Tang, Foxface Rabbitfish, and our Coral Beauty. The reason we are considering this is that we think a FOWLR would be awesome. We could have the cool livestock that we cannot place in with the coral. The reason for the swap of tanks is due to most of the fish we are considering need a bigger tank.

Does this sound like reasonable logic? Are there any concerns or risks I need to consider? It seams fairly straight forward to me. Of course I will take all the steps to ensure proper water chem and acclimation.

For those interested here is the equipment that will be running;

120 g DT
55 g sump, Reef octopus ro-ps 2000, 2x Razor 420 LED's, 2x Vortec MP-40's, Bubble blaster HY-7000

60 g DT
20 G sump, SWC 120 protein skimmer, 1 Kessil A360w LED, 2x Vortec MP-40's
Return pump TBD.

Apex Controller with lab grade PH probes, 2 temp probes, wireless Vortec controller, Apex Salinity probes, Apex 8 plug energy bar, battery back ups for vortec's, 8 dowser pumps, plankton reactor, ATO with 2 sensors, 7 stage RO/DI plumbed into a 20 g reservoir for constant water.

PS; we also know that someday we will likely be setting up a +200 g. I want a Niger Trigger in the worst way.:bounce1:


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That is still TBD. Momma likes the Maroon clown idea. It will go in later. We are doing the research for that. Suffice to say the 120 gives us more options than the 60.


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I think it's a good idea. Maroon's are the most beautiful clowns in my opinion so I would absolutely second that option. Get a mated pair of golden striped ones. You can also house some wrasses and some triggers... I like your idea.


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Maroons as beautiful as they are, they are the most aggressive of all clownfish species. There have been stories they can draw blood whilst you clean the tank.

Triggers do well in tanks of 125 gallons or more and they can be quite aggressive depending on species.


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I don't think you would have much issues with a niger trigger in your 120g. The dimensions of your 120 lend itself to a reef in my opinion.