What top system do you recommend? Any help


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ok, I'm thinking I would like to have a top off system to ease this daily chore.

any recommendations on system/brand/website?

Is this how it works?

1. detector in take
2. Detector attaches to power supply module
3. Power supply module turns on when water level is at certain set point
4. small pump (like a maxi jet) is turned on and pumps water from bucket to tank via attached tubing on maxi jet?

Also, may I assume I can dose calcium and other nutients in my RO top off water?

Mucho thnx


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Go read up on peristalic pumps/refurbished medical pumps!!! To be brief...drips from 1ml up to 800ml in 1ml increments per hour making stability a cinch. If you need to dose less than 1ml or more than 800 of anything than you are in the 1% class there.

Wont siphon back or overdose anything...the worst thing is the power goes off and pump has to be reset...but nothing is pulled out and nothing put in...thus the worst is a little raised salinity or lowered alk from missing Kalk...on to that

i use one and drip/dose Kalkwassser for my stony reef....it keeps ph high and stable 8.2 at night and 8.3 day...salinity always stays at 1.026..

you can use just about anything in the top off..you can tmix alot of things Ie two part CA/alk supplements etcc etc..

i would keep going but go do some research and come back with any questions


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I use a float switch from www.lifereef.com to trigger a spare maxijet powerhead from a reservoir. It works great and keeps my water level within 1/4". The lifereef unit is baffled so that waves don't trigger the float.

Peristaltic pumps are IMO better for dosing. I never could justify the extra cost for one to top up. Powerheads are cheap and the maxijet line with the round outlet are easy to work with.

I took a 1/2" piece of CPVC about 6 inches long and reamed out one end to friction fit over the powerhead outlet and tapped the other end with a 1/4" pipe tap, threaded in a fitting and used 1/4" silicon hose from there to the sump.

Works really well!