When do your occelaris hatch?


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Lol..*. Ocellaris *...So day 7 has come and gone. And I just have a feeling that it's going down tonight...

So to all who have regular spawning pairs. What time of day do they usually spawn ?
And what time do yours eggs hatch?


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Mine take 8-9 days depending on the temperature. I don't typically note when they spawn, I just see the eggs appear. They ALWAYS hatch at night, typically right after lights out.


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Thanks [emoji1360].....turns out they're still here this morning.

I seemed to remember my maroons hatching by moonlight right around the time my mandarins used to love-dance.
My gobiodon so hatched late afternoon and I never got to figure out when my jawfish hatched because it was all done in secrecy ...plus I never figured how to have him spit the eggs out before due day.

Do you keep a moonlight at all ? Or do you mean, it goes down when all lights are out ?
Except maybe a tiny led for a larval trap!?

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I would always shut off even the moonlight, I've read somewhere that they might not hatch if the moonlight is on. Then I'd come to the tank 45 min later with a flashlight

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mine also take around 8-9 days but I really go off the looks of the eggs than how many days, you'll be able to tell the night of hatch by looking at the eggs after time and imo easier.

I don't run any moon lights but don't really see them being an issue unless very bright.


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My eggs usually hatch about 1-2 hours after lights out. I would turn off all pumps about 30 min after lights out. I would not only turn off the tank lights, but every light in the room as well. I found I was able to collect a lot more fry when all lights were off.

Hatches tended to be more complete (fewer stragglers) and the fry seemed to gather better under the flashlight.