where can i get a 2" strainer for my Dart ??


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I have a Dart pump. and i need to get some kinda of Strainer.
Can someone tell me where i can purchase one or Make one ???


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To keep from sucking stuff from the sump into my dart I used a pvc drain cover from HD. I also have a 45 elbow into the sump to prevent it from sucking air if the level falls too far (no ato). Just slip the pvc drain onto the elbow and you are good to go.


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Great.. Thank you so much..

@Viggen whats a priming pot

I'll check home depot.
Yeahh I had something fall in and thank God I was able to shut off the pump. Before Disaster.


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which should i get the
2" Low Profile Slip Screen Strainer Lifegard Aquatics (The Flat one)

Lifegard Aquatics 2" Threaded Suction Screen Overflow Strainer *( the one that extends out )


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HI Everyone
I ended getting the Lifegard Threaded Strainer.
ANd works like a charm. Perfect
Thank you everyone for the help..