where to get a drip valve?

I assume u mean a drip valve like to drip kalk? if so then you go to the ER and claim u need an I.V. after that you take the valve off the line or you can always just go to a medical supply place and get one.
Or you could just go to your local hardware store and buy a bag of them for a couple bucks... lol

They dont exactly just hand out ivs for free, but if you do happen to get one of the medical types, I would highly advise not to use the tubing that comes with them as for it gets clogged and corroded faster than the regular air tubing.


med store

med store

go to a medical store and get a round drip valve it is white and blue and made by baxter it has so many settings from off to 250 ml/hr im sure that you will find one that works for your size tank.
Oh.. thats what I thought....they have a product made by kent called aquadose that uses this technology. You could get the replacment IV drip part. :D

yea, I want to hook it to a 5 gallon bucket and drip water into my sump reservoir to replace evaporation
Its a very cool idea. You could definatly get a replacement part, use a dremel to drill a small hole in a 5 gallon, and then silicone the iv from the aquadose onto the tank. :D

-short, sweet, and easy on the wallet! :D

You can do a real auto topoff for less than $20 bucks and less than $10 if you have a small powerhead laying around, why not just do that?

You just need a float switch ($7) and a small ph/pump , some airline tubing and a small piece of plexi or another way to hang the float switch, and an extention cord ($1).
I might do that. I was just trying to do something quick and easy because I am going on vacation in a little bit. I don't want to have the guy taking care of my aquarium to have to fill it up every other day. I allready have an auto feeder so I have that taken care of.
where can you get a float switch? At Home depot or not. I know you can get one at autotopoff.com but it is not $7. Thanks.
I used to use a float switch for my top off also, but a lot of little problems started coming up, beggining with the thing used to flip my breaker sometimes. And also it can make a siphon if your not carefull about it. Now I just use a manual float valve, and use the dripper for my kalk.
definatly use a check valve for airline tubing to prevent a back siphon! :D
Its not a pretty site to have water all over your floor. Trust me!

home depot $1.79

home depot $1.79

I got two floats some 3/8 ice marker tubing and 1 straight slip compression fitting. On one side of the fitting is the slip side that you can slip the tube into. And the other side has a 3/8 OD thread on it. The inside is a 1/4 ID. And if you thread it with the right tap size. You can use Teflon tape and thread the float into the end. And with the compression fitting you can attach the tube and run the wires through it so it is water tight. That way you can move that floats as far away from one another as you want with the ice tube because it is flexible but very stiff. So if you lay a piece out straight it will stay that way. So if you were to set the floats to turn on a RO unit to fill a 50gl can. You can make the bottom float 3 feet away from the top float to fill the can. And the bottom float wonââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t get wet.
I made all my connections in a little box from radio shack I made mine with little plugs for the power, floats and the solenoid so I can unplug everything if I need to for any reason. I have the relay send power to the solenoid to turn on water to the RO unit