Which Clams if any?


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I have a 46gal bow front and it has been set up for about 9mo and water is at the opt levels.I have 175w MH and 4 55w PC would this be enough for Clams. I have a perc, and a couple SPS corals in the tank and a clean up crew. Wanting to order some but dont want to kill them if not right for them. PLEASE all help needed.

You have enough lighting. I would probably try a Derasa Clam. Their cheaper and stronger than Maximas and Croceas. But remember that a lot of critters and fish like to taste clams.
My tank is 20" and I have 4"DSB. I just happen to be getting ready for upgrading my lights(this weekend hopefully) I was trying to decide on 2 250's w/10 or 12k, 2 400's w/10 or 20k bulbs which would be a good choice?Keep in mind I dont have a chiller.

Thanks for the help.
I'm currently running dual 400w 6500k's with no chiller...nice. The 10,000k 400w's are supposed to be nice too. IMO 20,000k's would be too blue.