which light?


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so i recently upgraded to a 215g oceanic (72XX24X30H) and i am in the process of picking out my equipment but i just can not decide. So far i have (for lights) i have narrow it down to:

aqua media 4X250w MH with 4X39w T5

Aquactinics T5 Constellation 14X39w T5

I am more a zoa/LPS kinda of guy but i do enjoy a few pieces of SPS here and there.

The tank will be a open top so no retro

I am also open to two 48" liighting system.

Any suggestion will be helpful, i been thinking about this for a week now and i just can not deicde...


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If all you want is a couple of sps in the upper section of the tank, go with a t5 setup. You may want a six or eight bulb setup only because your tank is deep. A lot has to do with what you like the look of though. If you dont mind spending the money, than you should look into led's. The new ones are very bright and completely controllable in every way.