Which size tank to go with!?


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Im having a hell of a time deciding which tank size i wanna go with. im up in the air between a 20gl long, 29 gl RR, or a 30 cube. I want something small because of apartment guidelines and regulations. what would you pick?


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I'd go with the 29 gal reef ready and get a sump to hide all your equipment. Especially when you're a beginner, you should should get the system with the most possible volume.


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i was gonna usa a sump anyway... the 29 is just already drilled, i was gonna drill the 20, but 30 cube would be free and I already have an overflow box, i was gonna use an old sump that I have built out of a 16 gl tank, but it wont fit in the oceanic stand, but it will fit in a 20l or 29 stand.


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I was not happy with my 20g long. To limited on space and flow optios IMO.

I have a custom 36g now which is the same as a 29g just more room front to back and really enjoy it more.

30g cubes are nice and if it's free and in good shape you could always drill it.