white sponge ?


im an addict lol
I have a white sponge looking thing growing my my zoathids. not all of them but a couple. it dosn't seem to kill them yet if it is bothering them.
if this turns out it is not common I will try and post a pic soon.

any ideas?


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I had the same issue and a hermit crab ate the sponge. Seperate the ZOA with a hermit crab and they will clean up the ZOA simply due to nothing else to salvage for food/clean up.


im an addict lol
Good info thanks Bobby. Makes Denver I have no crabs in this Zoa tank just a couple snails and algea blenny

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Yea I mean if thier not choking out/Irritating the Zoas then leave them. if it happens u can always self prune the sponge. I'd leave it though Sponges are cool and Natural filters.


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i have two kinds of sponges growing in my tank. One I have no idea what it is but grows best with no light, and pineapple sponges. They indicate you have a thriving system and filter feed. They are great helpers for biologically filtering your water.