White spots on my H. erectus

Kay Tickle

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Hello all:

I noticed a couple white spots on one of my seahorses and did a bunch of research on here and seahorse.org to look at pictures of diseases, etc. It doesn't really look like anything too bad. Then when I was uploading my pictures, I came across pics I took a week ago because a little snail was hitching a ride on one of them. Could they just be clean spots from my snail? Unfortunately I do have one favia coral that I fell in love with, but will now remove from my tank because of the sweeper tentacles I saw the other day. I know I will get grief for having that in my tank, so I'm confessing to it upfront. Is it possible that these are sting marks?

Obviously I'm afraid of disease, so I'd like to rule that out if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


White spots:



Pics with snail:





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My erectus had those white spots on them one time a while back. I believe that is was parasites so I gave them a freshwater dip (after a lot of research of course), and the spots went away and never came back. however, I am not sure if it was because of the dip or because I treated the tank.