white stuff on clam


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Sorry if my terminology is not correct here. This is my first clam. I noticed some white goo where the two sides of the mantle come together on the front of my clam.

72 bow, 2x400w MH established for 10 months. Clam in the sand. Here are a few pics, my camera is not the greatest so they might not come out very well. Since I have to turn my exposure down you might have to adjust the brightness on your monitor.




yeah I figured it was a name resolution issue so I put just the IPaddress. I am assuming that you cannot see the second 3 images as well... hmm.. i see all of the images fine, its possible that my provider closed those ports... anyone with a *nix server I can connect to do some testing, send me a PM..

the pictures display now...

for the computer geeks out there..... my solaris box was misconfigured, I recently changed the network and I manually changed the default route but did not edit the /etc/defaultrouter file. When we had a poweroutage by box was rebooted so after reboot the box could not get to the internet. All Connections were coming in but the server didnt know where to send the replys.....

It looks to me like byssal gland activity. It wants to attach

Before my clams attached (Maxima to the LR and Squamosa to a shell fragment in the LS), they would secrete "something" from the gland. When the squamosa moved in the sand, the sand would stick to the stuff. I finally put a piece of shell under it in the LS and it attached to it. Now I couldn't see the gland if I tried.

You should give new clams a chance to attach to something even if partially burried in LS. This will keep worms and other parasitic creatures from burrowing into the byssal gland. This is the "Soft Spot" on the clam and is the most vulnerable area in an attack. By allowing them to affix to a small piece of flat rubble or shell, they are effectively putting an "armor" on that soft spot.