Who killed my clam?

Who killed my clam?

  • Me. I shortened the photoperiod to acclimate a new clam

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  • Me. I moved the clam down to the sandbed.

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  • Bumblebee snails.

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  • Bristleworms.

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Actually the first answer was supposed to be a "new anemone"...

My lighting is 2 55w actinic pc, 2 55w 10k daylight pc and two 175w 12k mh. The actinics usually come on at 8am, off at 8pm, daylights on at 9am, off at 7pm, mh on at 11am, off at 5pm. I shortened it to 11-5 actinic, 12-4 daylight and 1-3 mh. This had only been for two days and tomorrow I was extending it all by one hour and every other day by one hour until I reached the original period.

Water parameters are amm. and no2 - 0, no3 - .03, ca - 380(low, but has always been low) alk - 8-9 dkh, sg - 1.025. The clam has been in tank for 5 months and has opened and closed fine with these parameters. The tank is 80 gallons with 3-4 in. sandbed.

Other critters are 2 red legged hermits, various snails, bristleworms, blue tang, two false clowns, 2 neon gobies, flame angel, red serpent star, black brittle star, blue linkia and burgundy linkia(?)

I moved it to sandbed because I had read that was ok to do if it was attached to a rock already.

The bumblebees are in there only because they are the first to have moved in to feast...

The bristleworms are good ones from IPSF...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to provide more information.
What species was the clam?
What size was it?
Are you feeding any kind of phytoplankton or do you have a good fish load in the tank?
When you moved it did you pull it off the rock or leave it attached to the rock it was on?

I doubt that any of you possible suggestions in your poll are the correct cause of the clams death unless you ripped it's byssal gland when you moved it down to the sandbed.

FWIW, Nathan
Thanks for the reply,

It was sold to me as a maxima, approx. 3 inches, below is a pic...

I feed bioplankton from liquidlife USA twice a week. In regards to the fish load, just what I listed above.

It has been attached to a small rock since I purchased it and it still is.