Will a clam color up?


Just out of curiosity, with an upgrade in light color up a clam? My understanding is that the color of the clam is its UV protectant. Lower levels of light such as the dersa are not as colorful as the maxima in witch resides in higher levels of light. So by upgrading your light, over time will the dersa color up?

A year ago a mo vendor gave me a free extra clam with my order. No wonder, it's about as boring as a tridacnid clam can be. After all this time under 400w mh and being fed phytoplankton it's grown a lot, and it's still homely. The other, good looking clam died after six months :( .

Agu, do you still have the clam? :)

The colour pigments determine the colour of the clams which adapts to the incoming intenity and spectrum. Example if someone had a clam under 400 watt MH 10K and then I put it under 250 MH 6,500 it will tend to fade but can adapt overtime to the new lighting.

Hope this helps.