Worm burrowing into Crocea


New member
A few weeks ago I decided to take down my 25g. I put all of the corals and a clam into my 100g. Once and a while I would notice a little worm popping in and out of a rock. I figured it was just a bristleworm and didn't worry. It looks like a baby red centipede. Earlier today I noticed it was attached to the side of my Crocea. I got mad and tried to catch it with a pair of needle nose pliers but no luck. I looked at the shell and sure enough there was a hole in the side. It's about the size of the period on a keyboard. At that point, I had no choice but to move it to the other side of the tank. There are other soft coral and LPS in the vacinity.

Should I be worried about burrowing worms? Do they target all sessile invertebrates? Can I buy any fish that could take it/them out? Pseudochromis?

I appreciate any help. Thanks.