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I'm looking to add some snails to my 20 long. Right now there are a bunch of hermits in there. I was thinking a few nassarius and a few turbo's. Any suggestions on what to add are greatly appreciated as well.


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liquid kingdom always seems to have a good selection of snails. That is where I got all of mine a year or so ago and they are all still kickin. Usually range from 2-4 bucks per snail depending on the type.


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I purchased Ceriths, Nassarius, Astrea from Reeftopia. Pretty good prices and nice size critters. Free shipping minimum is somewhat reasonable also.
I bought the Star Astreas at $2.50 each as I read they can right themsleves if they fall over unlike the other astreas. I just ain't true. They can't turn themselves back over either and the cost at least twice the price! (But they are kinda cool)