WTB: mushrooms, frogspawn


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My tank needs color! The tank has been up over a year but I still only have a few corals...it seems Im SOL every time I go to the LFS and they never have what I am looking for.
I'm looking for the following, but if you have any other softies with some bright color, please let me know.

Bright red, purple or blue shrooms
Bright neon green frogspawn

Will pay $$$ as I don't have anything to frag at the moment. I'd rather pay a local reefer before I go to the LFS, and besides most the mushrooms I ever see are brown.

Let me know what you have, what size, how much, and where you live. I live in the east valley...
Thanks everyone!


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Go to Fins & Friends for your neon green frogspawn. They had one Saturday and are closed Sunday's & Monday's. They are at 16th Street and Bethany


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I have some super green star polyps and some green striped mushrooms that you are welcome to for free. I am roughly Hayden and Thomas in Scottsdale.


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I'm in Flagstaff, but if you come up here, or I get down there, I'll get you a nice bright red shroom, and a bumpy (fuzzy green one) free. I just encourage them to multiply (a process which consists basicly of hacking them up!)



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Jason, I'd love some red shrooms...if I ever get up to flagstaff I'll let you know!
Anyone else have some bright red shrooms?