WTB Skimmer


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I'm looking to get a better skimmer. I want a Euro Reef CS 6-2 for my 90gal.
PM me if you want to sell one...cash in hand
you may have better luck posting that in the WTB forum rather than in here, or browse the selling forum. I have never seen a Euro Reef for sale in here. Great skimmer by the way.....
I sold one awhile ago but to tell you the truth the ASM equivalent is much nicer because the top just twists on and off while the Euro has to be unscrewed.
Thanks guys... I also posted in the WTB forum, but I figured my post in the florida reef clubs wouldn't lost as quick as the WTB....
I have seen the skimmer Tony has for sale. I can vouch for him as a seller. The Icecap VHO system I bought from him is working like new 10 months later.

I also noticed an ER RC80 on clearance at Premium Aquatics if you decide against the Aqua-C.